Some pics…………

…………..from my last trip to Yankee Stadium.




Bald Vinny and Vince.jpg

Yanks and Bucs

Wow…………talk about a team looking like they don’t want to be in Pittsburgh.

The Captain turns a nice double play…………………….oops , scratch that he just air mailed another one.

Alex just looks …………..I don’t know?………………… he’s trying to hit a home run every time up.
I’m thinking he needs a little text message from Pete with the old “kill the pitcher with the ball”

The Yanks have an unbelievable knack this year of making every pitcher they face look like a potential Cy Young candidate.

Update:   BOBBY…..
El Comelduce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yes
Oh wait the damn cooler is up.

Update: Cooled!

I don’t believe what i just saw!!

I wish Nate would have got the sac bunt down.


…….Melky needs to sit for about a week
       can’t get the bunt down and then 3 strikeouts in a row on bad pitches?………it’s time to give Christian a try.
……….For God’s sake how many
          double plays can he

hit into in one season and how many rallys can be killed?

——Man he is giving me heartburn…………….nice “jump-throw to Cano!

…………Melky just hit a homer…………wtf?

Vote Giambino…………….

What do you say?…………….



I hope Joe goes into the clubhouse and tears them a new ***.
Somebody’s gotta wake these guys up.
Maybe a visit from The “Boss”.

Million dollar line up or not I would tell those guys if you dont want to play tomorrow let me know now, I will get someone with some fire, with some hustle, maybe a couple of guys who are hungry and look like they want to play ball.

Raise your hands and tomorrow you can have a day off or two to get your heads straight or maybe get your heads out of your *****.




chien-ming-wang.jpg…… thats bad news!

I’m not sure what your peroneal longus tendon is but it sure sounds painful!!

 And this is what it looks like…………tendons-foot.jpg.

Well it’s about damn time!!!!!


Fan interference…………….



………..every God damned time I see a fan interfere with
a ball at a baseball game whether its on ESPN or live at the cell, it makes me want
to throttle somebody. Where are these fans heads at? I know the
rule……… has a fair shot at the ball etc….etc… But c’mon.
Last night during the  game some *** hat reaches out for a ball that was
hit down the line and just had to stick his bitch *** hand out there and touch
the ball, and the runner headed for home had to stop at third because of the
ground rule double/fan interference f@#k face.

I think they need to pass an amendment. Interfere with the game; get handcuffed
to your seat. NO, better than that just beat that fans *** unmercifully, photo
his stupid ***, and ban him from every major league ballpark for ever. We could
even use some of that anti terrorist face recognition software to spot his
stupid ***, and then beat him some more for trying to get in to the ballpark.

kid interferes.jpg

Ya know even if you were a knowledgeable fan and could make a split second decision
that could help your team by interfering with the ball; you still probably need
a beating. I would list the appropriate times to help out your team but I’m
afraid that the drunken dumb *** fans around MLB (especially in Chi town) would
try and put these into use and then I would feel bad and have to pay them a

So for Gods sake let’s get it straight….

  • keep your hands to yourself
  • do not reach for a batted or
    thrown ball whether foul of fair (and yes you are too stupid to make that decision
    for yourself)
  • if you do break the rule than
    don’t whine about the beating you deserve
  • don’t drink too much, maybe
    you can actually watch the game and enjoy it

Fan interference, also called spectator’s interference, is a form
of interference caused by fans who enter the field of play
for the purpose of retrieving a baseball. In the case of a foul pop-up,
may award an out
if it is deemed that a fan interfered and the player would have made a catch.
In the outfield, when a fan reaches over the fence to
interfere with a fair ball, the player is awarded a double.
Fans who interfere with batted balls in play are usually removed from the
ballpark.And then beaten to death!!!!!!!

Gavin Floyd…

gavin floyd.jpg

…wow some kind of effort last night. I wish he would have
made it. Funny thing is that when I turned on the game you couldn’t even tell he
was looking at a no-no. The White
Sox announcers Hawk and D.J. didn’t let on at all. I could
tell there was something going on by the subtle hints, but when I looked at the
score the Twins had 1 run on the board. It wasn’t until the commercial break
and I switched channels to E.S.P.N. that I found out what all the commotion was

And I know there is the ” you don’t talk about it rule for fear of the
jinx”. And I think that is a bunch of bullshit. I can understand if you
are on the field with him or in the dugout with him and you don’t want to add
to the pressure, but c’mon in the broadcast booth. The way they were talking on
the radio today you would have thought that everybody in the world was talking
about the no hitter possibility and jinxed Floyd into another dimension.


In defense of the Sox broadcasters–earlier in the year when Floyd
was going for a no hitter they were lambasted in Chicago
by the media and fans for not giving any information about what was going on.
Damned if you do damned if you don’t. I think the only way you could tell he
was doing something great was when they show a view of the dugout and he
(Floyd) was sitting in the corner of the dugout by himself, like he just pissed
off a nun at St. Mary’s at he was sent to the corner to think about his sins.

 I know there are many
athletes who are superstitious, especially baseball players and that’s cool.
But to think that some broadcaster said “tune in for the top of the ninth
and maybe get a chance to see history”…and ruined the no hitter could be
one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.
Except for the fact that I continuously hear stupid **** from stupid people in
new and interesting ways everyday.

And for those fans……..please go away you are making me sick. You probably
get the best seats to the games, and I’m sure every time you get a chance to be
a bad unintelligent fan at the ball game you jump right in. Loser.

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